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Quantico Season 2 Episode 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10Quantico Season 2, is a crime suspense thriller with Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) being the main protagonist of the series. Aired by ABC, this series comprises of 22 episodes, will be aired in the United States on September 25, 2016. The complete series filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You can watch Quantico Season 2 streaming once it’s available on the internet. The show created by Joshua Safran and produced by Mark Gordon.

QUANTICO season 2 

In this series, Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) who is an FBI agent in training in Quantico, is suspected of a terrorist bomb attack in the Grand Central. After being framed for the terrorist attack, Parrish goes into hiding and serves on to track down the real culprit behind this attack.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 1 S02E01

It would pretty much pick up from where it was last left off, with Alex moving out of the FBI and offered a job at the CIA. Alex moves on to The Farm to begin her CIA training, located on the outskirts of town.

We can watch Quantico Season 2 Episode 1 This is where Alex starts to learn the essential difference between FBI and CIA where FBI is about truth loyalty and keeping up to the badge. Whereas CIA is the complete opposite, where there is deceit, mind games, and tricks to get the truth. With this, we would see the introduction of Blaire Underwood as well.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 2 S02E02

It would show most of the characters and where they stand after moving out of Quantico and into the real world. Although, In Quantico Season 2 Episode 2 We know that Ryan and Alex would be pairing up in various scenes continuing their romance. But what we need to see, where some of the major players stand.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 3 

We can see some major character building. In Quantico Season 2 streaming, Alex would get herself into trouble or would she pulled into another conspiracy. It is yet to be seen since we know that Senator Haas, has a significant role to play in this. Also with Caleb dealing with mommy issues. We can expect some new characters introduced from episode 3, such as Aaron who plays the role of Leon.

quantico season 2 priyanka

Quantico Season 2 Episode 4 

The Quantico Season 2 Episode 4 would kind of slow down where the story starts to spin around some events from the past in various flashbacks and some parts in the current story line. Then there are some issues that Alex has to face with her conscious after the death of beloved Simon. Alex would also team with Harry Doyle working together as undercover agents. We do know for sure that Doyle will create some major troubles between Alex and Ryan.

Though the lovers try their best to fight off any tough situation, we need to see how secure their relation is before it breaks up with the entrance of Leon Velez creating a triangle.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 5 S02E05

It would be another political gain by Senator Haas, where she’s trying to create some major havoc with Alex. Here in Quantico Season 2 episode 5 we would see Claire taking some drastic actions to strengthen her political agenda. While Alex and Caleb continue looking or some proofs which would show Haas involved in the terrorist bombing in Season 1 Quantico. With all said and done, we hope to see some excitement and action in Quantico Season 2. We know Alex has to face a big struggle ahead of her. But what’s left to be seen is how far would she go before she comes out clean yet again from another conspiracy.

Handpicked a diverse group of recruits is viewed arriving at the Quantico for the FBI Base training in Virginia. These recruits are the largest, brightest and the most vetted recruits. Being hand picked, it seems impossible that one of them could be a mastermind behind the biggest New York City attacked at the Grand Central.

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Playing the role of seasoned FBI agent is Liam O’Connor, played by Josh Hopkins. According to Liam, Quantico FBI Academy is the sturdiest boot camp and toughest grad school. Being partners in their first undercover sting in Omaha, Alex’s father and Liam graduated together from Quantico. Season finale showed Liam being the person behind the Grand Central bomb attack.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 6 S02E06

In Quantico Season 2 Episode 6, Playing the role of Alex’s love interest is Ryan Booth, played by Jake McLaughlin. Ryan is an undercover FBI agent who was tasked to surveil Alex. Taking over the role of staff counselor, Ryan ends up working in a New York office.  

Aunjanue Ellis plays the role of Miranda Shaw as the Assistant Director of Quantico FBI Academy. She plays the role of Alex’s mentor. Being removed from her role as the AD, she ends up being the Deputy Director by the end of the series.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 7

Other characters in the Quantico Season 2 Episode 7 include Yasmine Al Massri playing the role of Twins Nimah and Raina Amin, Johanna Braddy as the southern belle Shelby Wyatt who plays the role of Alex’s best friend.

Tata Ellington plays the Brooklyn hipster Simon Asher, Grahan Rogers who plays the role of Caleb Haas the golden boy and Anabelle Acosta who plays the role of Natalie Vasquez as Alex’s former rival at the Academy. Sadly, Natalie ends up killed in the season finale.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 8 S02E08

While you can watch Quantico Season 2 Episode 8, Some of these recruits belong from the FBI family and some of them are victims of terrorism. Whatever the reason for them to join the academy, they are well aware of a 50/50 chance of finishing their training, with no second chance.

Their first assignment after joining the FBI academy is to find out about their fellow trainees. Where some secrets revealed more than required. Juggling between target practice and physical endurance exercises, these recruits have to learn the art of investigation.

quantico s02

Liam O’Conner was the man responsible for the bombing in Grand Central, and also to frame Alex for this. By Season 1 finale, Alex Parrish was able to uncover the true identity of Liam and the link behind the bomb attack.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 9

Though we saw two of our beloved characters get killed off in the season finale, we do know that it was for a good cause, and as we move onto Quantico Season 2, there are chances we might get to see them again in flashbacks.

Quantico Season 2 episode 9 download, pretty much picks up from where it was left off in Season 1 finale. The season being with Alex Parrish offered a job with the CIA. Though we never saw if there was a Yes from Alex, the show creator Safran has clearly indicated that Alex would take up the job offered by CIA. Moving to The Farm for further training.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 10 

According to the show creator Safran, Quantico Season 2 episode 10, would be a little slow as compared to Season 1. Where we saw Alex always on the run. In Quantico Season 2, we would see Alex undergoing vigorous CIA training. Working mostly within the parameters of CIA base, Alex would pull into a much greater conspiracy, where the threat is to the entire globe.

Though the series would see less of drama and more of plot development, Safran has said, with the coming of a new season, the audience would get to see two different time lines. With future threat at hand, we would see quite a bit of flashback in bits and pieces in Quantico Season 2.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 11 S02E11

Passing out from Quantico’s FBI, In Quantico Season 2 Episode 11, most of the recruits would enter into the real world, where we would get to see them as the adults who face daily challenges. With no more training and sitting on the campus, these recruits have yet to learn a lot.

Quantico Season 2 would be aired sometime in September 2016, by ABC Networks. We would get to see some new characters in the upcoming season of Quantico. Apart from the regulars such as Alex, Raina, Nimah, Shelby, Caleb, Ryan, Miranda from last season.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 12

While we busy watching Quantico Season 2 episode 12, new characters consist of Russell Tovey who would play the role of Harry Doyle. Harry is described as – “part Thomas Crown, part grown-up Artful Dodger…[who] is just as likely to seduce your husband as he is to pick his pocket when it’s over“, by Hollywood Reporter.

On the onset of Quantico Season 2, we would see the introduction of Blair Underwood.  He would play the role of Owen Hall, and would be a series regular apart from Alex. Underwood would play the role of an intelligent and inspirational CIA officer, who is said to train the recruits for his benefits. Well, that’s something we need to wait and watch.

We would also get to see this known South African Actress Pearl Thusi in Quantico Season 2. Portraying the role of lawyer Dayana Masmpasi, She worked with an NGO in Omaha for two years and now has come back to join her father law firm.

Quantico Season 2 Subtitles

Now you can download Quantico Season 2 Subtitles on the internet. Moreoever, Tracy Ifeachor would play the role of actuary Lydia Bates. Her character is said to bring in some major twists and turns to Quantico Season 2. David Lim would play the role of Sebastian Chen, a future agent in Quantico.

Finally, we have Aaron Diaz who plays the role of Leon Velez, a thrill-seeking photojournalist, apparently, we might get to see some sparks between Alex and Leon.

We will update with more updates on Quantico Season 2. Stay tuned!

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