Doom’s Day – 24th April Will be the Day to Remember for Game of Thrones S06E01

Fans all over the world will be glued to their TV sets to see what happens in this doomsday episode of Game of Thrones. I know, I would be glued to my TV. Who would want to miss the show of the century.


24th April Will be the Day to Remember for Game of Thrones S06E01

24th April Will be the Day to Remember for Game of Thrones S06E01


24th April Will be the Day to Remember for Game of Thrones S06E01


All said and done, our favourite characters will come to life. Girls would look forward to seeing Jon Snow. Teenagers would want to see more of Arya Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. Most of us
would wait to see the Lannisters. I’m sure some would like to see the Boltons and the Greyjoys and funny yet, the White Walkers. I would personally love to see Bran Stark. His character has been built with so much mystery that it makes me want to just focus on him.



If rumours are to go by, Game of thrones S06E01 would show Bran and his visions of past. We can be ready with a major walk down the road to the past showing the Tower of Joy and how it all began. There is a possibility that Bran can even pull Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy towards the forest using his powers. But that is something of a wild guess for now.


Here’s what we have. Ned Stark returning, is reason enough to remember Game of Thrones S06 Episode 01. We all saw him die in S01, but yet he’s back. That ought to be interesting. What form, what character, hoping Doom’s day April 24th would shed some light on it.


Putting a little light on Brienne of Tarth. Can we expect a few glimpses on her finding Sansa Stark. It is a possibility but with micro chances. While Poddrick and Brienne continue their search we too can sit back and see what the result would be.



My major bet and a little fun for a doomsday episode of Game of Thrones S06 E01, would be watching an army of White Walkers in the dense snow. Their blue piercing eyes and a calm look on the face. As the army of white walkers keep increasing, chances of The Wall being taken over by them also increases. But we can be sure and safe with Melisandre within the black castle, with the hope that she would work a miracle to save the remaining nights watch.


Doomsday episode of S06E01 would not be complete without a look on Jon Snow. Would we get to see Jon or not. But yes, we would see a bit of Sam and Ginni, and their little journey to the Old Town.




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